What happens when you pair an adventurous couple with Anchor Images in the wintertime? Well, you get a very beautiful Virginia mountain side engagement session! It was clear from the beginning of the first meeting that Stephen & Lisa were not only in love, but they also embraced life together at it’s fullest.

We met with them a few months back at the Culpeper Starbucks, exploring their vision for their wedding day to see how we could best serve them. Everything from the way they spoke of each other, to the details of how they first met one another captivated us as artists. Needless to say, we began to eagerly explore options for their engagement session. As soon as the idea of winter waterfalls were thrown into the mix, they immediately embraced the idea. The photo session was featured on the White Oak Canyon trail at Cedar Run, in the Shenandoah mountain range.

The following film is a short video of our session on the mountain.
2015-03-09_005 2015-03-09_010 2015-03-09_012 2015-03-09_014 2015-03-09_019 2015-03-09_023 2015-03-09_025 2015-03-09_026 2015-03-09_027 2015-03-09_030 2015-03-09_032 2015-03-09_034 2015-03-09_035 2015-03-09_037 2015-03-09_039 2015-03-09_041 2015-03-09_044 2015-03-09_046 2015-03-09_051 2015-03-09_052 2015-03-09_055 2015-03-09_057 2015-03-09_058 2015-03-09_059 2015-03-09_064 2015-03-09_069 2015-03-09_066 2015-03-09_073 2015-03-09_076

Working with you two was something our team deeply enjoyed and we can not WAIT for October to come so we can celebrate your love together!

All of the photographs from this session can be viewed here, on our print gallery.