Where shall we begin? Every artist, photographer & cinematographer has a picture-perfect couple in their heads. Ours are stylish, sincere, creative and most importantly genuinely & deeply in love with each other and the life that surrounds them. For us, François & Caitlyn are a perfect representation of that ideal. François is an adoring French-born gentleman and Caitlyn is an adorned Chinese-American woman, who are eagerly anticipating their 21st of August wedding.

We began our day at the Fauquier Airfield just down the street from where Anchor Images calls home. By the time we arrived François was already soaring through the skies in this 1941 Stearman, and Caitlyn was awaiting our arrival. You see, François is an experienced pilot, so they arrived early and we took our time to pick up flowers for François to give Caitlyn, not knowing her choice in clothing.

(The following short film is a cinematic glance into the romantically charged day, filmed & edited by Anchor Images.)

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The next few photographs couldn’t have been restrained due to the unique opportunity of working with this 1942 warbird. We had a ton of crazy-fun hanging out with François & Caitlyn as well as David Brown at the airfield. Here’s just a little glance of what it was like! 2015-05-31_0064 2015-05-31_0040 2015-05-31_0060