“Love knowns no boundaries; it is not restrained by any sort of force except those who refuse to possess it.”

Today we’re featuring Adrian & Shelly, and their unyielding love for one another. It wasn’t too long ago when we met with them for the first time in the Gainesville Virginia Starbucks, right in the Gateway Center. We immediately clicked with them, and recognized the passion they possess towards one another. Our work resonated with them, and thus we’ve been brought on to photograph this portion of their journey together, for which we are deeply honored. Adrian spent a good portion of his past in Staunton Virginia, which is a good drive into Virginia’s south west. When they threw out the idea of hosting their engagement session in this old city, we immediately jump aboard the thought and made our plans.

This short film is comprised of the brief clips that were taken throughout their engagement session.

We began this session in the back of the old train station, aboard a bright red conductor’s caboose.



Afterwards, we spent a good amount of time behind the station, right where the building made it’s strongest curve.

2015-04-07_011 2015-04-07_009 2015-04-07_015


Then, just above this beautiful train station is a towering foot bridge.



Adrian is an adventurous firefighter, and that has not only given him some pretty serious repelling skills, but the right to represent a heroic super hero during his engagement photographs. These Spiderman photos were all his idea, and although the first attempt at the repelling photo (up & to the left) we were able to not only capture a stunning images (up & to the right), but we actually found an even better second location just a few photos down!

2015-04-07_023 2015-04-07_024 2015-04-07_025 2015-04-07_027 2015-04-07_028 2015-04-07_0292015-04-07_032 2015-04-07_030 2015-04-07_034 2015-04-07_033


“I happened to show Adrian & Shelly an on camera preview of the photograph above, and the video clip from that moment. They became overwhelmingly excited and couldn’t hold it in. That’s when I took the following two photographs.” – Tim


– Part Two –2015-04-07_041 2015-04-07_042 2015-04-07_043 2015-04-07_044 2015-04-07_045 2015-04-07_046 2015-04-07_047 2015-04-07_048 2015-04-07_051 2015-04-07_053 2015-04-07_054 2015-04-07_055 2015-04-07_056 2015-04-07_057 2015-04-07_058 2015-04-07_059 2015-04-07_060 2015-04-07_062 2015-04-07_065 2015-04-07_064 2015-04-07_066 2015-04-07_067 2015-04-07_068 2015-04-07_072 2015-04-07_074 2015-04-07_075