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Bobby & Erin

The storms rolled in and out, switchbacking between bright sun light, dark rolling clouds and downpours. It’s nearly impossible to describe love with words alone, which is why this particular film is so very moving. Bobby & Erin vowed their lives to one another in love’s greatest commitment, spent the entire day celebrating with their family and have since continued to walk those commitments out.

We began the day at the Inn at the Olde Silk Mill in Fredericksburg Virginia, as both Bobby & Erin individually prepared themselves for the ceremony. Erin was in the Wakefield room, and Bobby in the room just West of the lobby. As both were nearing being fully dressed, the sky darkened and the clouds opened up. It was beautifully atmospheric and endearingly poetic; that even when storms roll through, their commitment remains. We arrived at Star of Bethlehem church, just outside of the Quantico gates where the ceremony was to take place. They said their vows, shared their love with their families and celebrated their way down an isle of their closet friends blowing bubbles as they made their way to a beautiful vintage classic. It was from there that we drove into the heart of Fredericksburg and filmed clips of them down by the river, at City Dock Park. We spent our time with the beautiful couple, along with the photographer until just after the sun had set and it was from this point that we all entered into full on celebration as we made our way back to the Olde Silk Mill where they partied the night away.

Tim Yantz

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