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Bricks, Ivy & Oak

We’re so happy to be a sister company with Oak & Ale, a handmade goods artisan shop. They’re among the best for creative bohemian craft goods in the Virginia area, and this photoshoot was held to showcase some of the newest items to hit the innovatory list! These photographs were taken alongside random alleyways along the Main St. of Warrenton Virginia.

This film is a very small look into the behind the scenes of this photo session

2016-07-11_0001 2016-07-11_0013 2016-07-11_0002 2016-07-11_0012 2016-07-11_0011 2016-07-11_0003 2016-07-11_0004 2016-07-11_0005 2016-07-11_0006 2016-07-11_0007 2016-07-11_0008 2016-07-11_0009 2016-07-11_0014 2016-07-11_0010

Tim Yantz

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