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Michael & Kaitlyn

We have been alongside Michael & Kaitlyn from the very first moment of their proposed marriage, taking photographs of their orchard proposal, their downtown Lexington engagement session, to her breathtaking bridal portraits and finally their awe-inspiring wedding day. In all of our combined years of wedding photography, never have we come away with so many striking photographs after a wedding. This is no doubt due to the depth of meaning and detail that Michael & Kaitlyn poured into this day, and having Karis Marie along with us as the second photographer yielded some of the most dynamic detail photos we've ever had the pleasure of giving to our clients. If you're close friends or family that attended the wedding, be sure...

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François & Caitlyn’s Wedding

There's so much that could be written about this couple and our involvement in their wedding, from their airfield engagement session, the photography & cinematography services we obsessed over for their wedding, to their unique stories and personalities. This is our biggest project to date, and we haven't stopped laboring in love on it since first speaking with François & Caitlyn. François is French & Caitlyn is Chinese-American, which lead to one of the most culturally diverse weddings we've had the pleasure of experiencing. Hearing so many languages in one event was such a delight to the ears! We would like to take a few lines to mention some of the vendors & venue that worked so hard to make this...

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