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WarrentonDay 2016

Warrenton Town Limits We had such an immeasurable blast being apart of Warrenton's Independence Day celebrations yesterday evening! It was almost as if the whole town came together to enjoy the day as a true community; serving some of the best joys and food we've ever experienced. Our day began as the last helicopter landed for the aircraft display, and from there we quickly moved forward. To be honest, there was almost too much going on for us to photograph and these are just a few moments from throughout the day. It's been a crazy busy weekend; as we've spent a large amount of time laboring away on this super magnificent film from the Warrenton Town Limit's celebration! ...

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Bodies in Motion 5k & 10k

The hour was early, and the morning mist was heavy upon our green rolling hills when hundreds ascended upon the Warrenton Aquatic & Recreation Facility to participate in the Bodies in Motion 5k & 10k race! We were asked to play a roll in creatively documenting the event as it unfolded, and so with our equipment in hand and our spirits high we embarked on this creative endeavor and witnessed true human endurance. The following video is our highlight film and although we were officially cinematographers we couldn't resist the urge to take a few photographs along the path. ...

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