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Lost Upon A Broken Road

This entire project was photographed, filmed and edited entirely on the iPhone. I had just finished a very busy morning teeming with meetings, yet upon driving into Fredericksburg I found the perfect parking spot on Princess Ann St. right in front of Hyperion Espresso, where I joined countless other photographers, cinematographers, stylists and a handful of other creative professionals. We were all meeting together in order to build friendships and help each-other grow. [caption id="attachment_745" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] This is just the left-over artists who found themselves reluctant to leave after the meet-up had passed. There were at least another eleven or so artists.[/caption] I headed home upon a different route than the one I had previously ventured down, only to make one stop...

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Field Day

*written by Tim* During the early afternoon of a blissful Autumn day flames began to roar just off Poplar Road in Stafford Virginia. It was just happenstance that I stumbled upon this brush fire right after it's height. I pulled my car over and very casually began photographing the event from a distance. That wasn't enough, so I tried to find a way to get closer to the flames by driving ten minutes around the blaze to come at it from the back side, however those roads were completely closed off as well and when I returned to my original spot I found another police barricade. At this point I knew I had to get creative and sneak past the police if I...

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